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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Notes

Imagination - Roberson Journal - Gouache & Ink

I have little notes to myself plastered all over the place here, on the kitchen table, in the studio, in my handbag.... I find I write them and then forget they ever existed. They are made, not so much to remind me but allow me to get things out of my head last thing at night so I may sleep easy.

On Friday I did THE big Christmas food shop.
Crazy as I may be, I actually enjoy this annual pursuit despite the bustle. Determined not to look as stressed as the miserable faces surrounding me, I sang along with the festive background music the entire way around the supermarket, this helped immensely....fearing I may in fact be 'off my trolley' people actually moved out of the way to let me through and the whole event was a complete pleasure.

1 comment:

Donn said...

Nice Sketch, Anita. You wonder sometimes if the notes are all that important. But in this case, you made a great sketch!