Monday, November 05, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Card design - Arches HP watercolour block.

I have transformed my 'Elva' card design from the square page of my Seawhite sketchbook to an Arches HP watercolour block and uploaded it into my CARD SHOP 'Nitsa's Noodles' at Greeting Card Universe where it can be purchased for $2.49.

Design sketch - Seawhite sketchbook

I have also uploaded a Robin I painted last year in acrylic into my Imagekind Gallery of fine art prints, where it can be purchased from as little as $14.43.

Robin - Acrylic on canvas

It has felt alot like Winter here in the Fens today, the wind came from nowhere at around 4pm and there's been a frosty chill in the air all day. Physio this morning and the weekend wreckage to contend with meant little time to sketch so I added simple line sketches of items I crossed paths with throughout the day to form this page of my Seawhite sketchbook.

As you can see I ended my day in the studio where I finally started work on a canvas piece I've been planning and packed my bag ready for Tuesday's life session...Can't wait!


Meinhild Selbach said...

Good morning Anita,
I really like the idea of you last sketch.
Have a fun and creativ day today.
Greetings from the other side of the channel.

joanieART said...

V fun, Anita. Do you pencil sketch first then ink over? Or is this all first try perfect? Fun collection of daily stuff that truly makes ART.

caseytoussaint said...

Wonderful - I especially like that last sketch.

Unknown said...

Visiting your blog is always a treat for the eyes. Wonderful as always! I had not seen the little bird painting before, I am glad you posted it again :)

Fighter Jet said...

ooh what a wonderful sketch of the bird..great

phthaloblu said...

That's a really cool card design, Anita. And your lovely robin looks like a photograph. Great attention to detail!