Sunday, November 04, 2007

18 Minutes

As today drew to an end I struggled with the fact that I hadn't yet found time to sketch so I took my Seawhite square sketchbook over to the PC and visited Posemaniacs .

I started the first two pages using 60 second poses on top of watercolour I had prepped the pages with yesterday, adding a little coloured pencil into the negative areas on page one when I had finished and a little more watercolour to the figure on page two, just for interest.

Then I decided to shorten the length of the poses to 30 seconds, producing a further 21 poses that filled four more pages.

The whole lot, including the addition of colour afterward, took just 18 minutes. The Posemaniacs program took me through some very challenging poses and pushed me, forcing me to sketch the angle presented to me, rather than moving around the room selecting my view point, and allowing me to see the figure from angles I wouldn't otherwise see unless I took a ladder into life class.
You cannot help but be productive when using this free tool, here I was facing the midnight hour with nothing creative to show for my day and now I am sharing six whole pages of my sketchbook.
I love this website!


Knitting Painter Woman said...

As it is after 1:30 am (and even with the switch to standard time, I'll wait until tomorrow to go to Posemaniacs. You had wonderful results! Brava!

Robyn said...

Eighteen minutes - Oh for eighteen such minutes in my day! You are such an inspiration, Anita. Love your Roxie sketch and last week's life class canvas is beautiful.

E-J said...

Bit of an orgy going on in the middle of that top one ;-)

These are all terrific! Posemaniacs is an ingenious resource. I like the way you've varied your approach to adding colour in each of the pages.

Anonymous said...

They look great and you make me find this particular good blog. Thanks.


phthaloblu said...

You have constantly inspired me by your dedication to your craft. Too many times I have gone to bed without having done anything creative all day. Great work!