Saturday, October 06, 2007


My good friend Diane did some monoprinting at our life class on Tuesday last week and they looked like fun. I've never tried monoprinting before, so when Diane visited me on Wednesday she left her Plexiglass, roller and watercolour ink here for me to play with.
Isn't it great having other artists as friends?

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I worked really fast, using 'The Figure in Motion' by Thomas Easley and Mark Smith as a reference, along with a little imagination.
Once the ink was dry I experimented by adding Conte to a couple of the prints.

Of course, with all of my self portrait studies recently, I simply had to create a quick study of myself in monoprint, I used a mirror for this one, working from life.


Gabriel Campanario said...

i really like the quality of the line, i'm going to have to try this now!

Robyn Sinclair said...

I can see you doing a lot more of these, Anita. The first one is absolutely lovely. Are you going to tell us a little more about how you achieved this? For example, what did you use to sketch on the plate? I'm fascinated.

Fighter Jet said...

Are you learning to paint....I thought you were a professional.

E-J said...

I'm with Robyn ... share a little more of the process with those of us too clueless to know??

Serena Lewis said...

I have no idea of the process in mono-printing either but I do know the wonderful sense of achievement you get when learning something new. Good job and I really like how the self-portrait turned out.

Kerstin Klein said...

The blanket is just fabulous. Love tghe details and the color you used.

Thanks for commenting on my hit kitz blog. :)

phthaloblu said...

Great work, Anita. I'm glad you share your experiments with us because it helps to inspire us all to try something out of our comfort zone. Nicely done.