Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Around The Home

A view of my studio started my day's sketching adventure on Sunday, a busy day for me but time enough for some super speedy sketches around my home.

I created the next two sketches from a deep, warm, scented bath. This isn't the first time I've taken my sketchbook into the bath with me (see here), although I was a little messier this time around, I blame the Lush bubble bar for making me relax so much that I simply couldn't concentrate!

I finished up the day with a view of my lounge.


Anonymous said...

Great work that you've done anita...your selfportraits - I had to laugh when I saw the one with the cigarette, I think it's great! and I enjoy the view on your studio and I love the view from your bath - great taps! Is there any place you haven't sketched from...I know....while you're cooking - the pots and pans on the stove, the smoke(of course you'll be burning something!)You'll have to please me, just for fun and make some sketches while preparing dinner!

Laurel Neustadter said...

Great sketches. I am impressed you can sketch while in the bath ... I would probably drop my sketchbook in the water :-).

Gabriel Campanario said...

nice drawings, i have an easel just like that one

Dave said...

That reminds me...the last time you did some bath sketches, I said I'd so some shower sketches! I got some waterproof paper, so I'll have to have a go tomorrow! These sketches are lovely, as usual.

MD said...

Hey Anita, great sketches and I had to smile out loud about doing sketches in the bath. I doubt I'd get very far in the bath with a sketch book.... !
Nice work as ever.

Hovawart said...

Lucky you to have a bath! I haven't lived in a house with a tub big enough to bathe in for decades. It's a shower-y existence. Your sketches make me want to rush out and get a tub for the back porch, and stock it with rose oil and scented soaps.

We do spend a lot of time in the river in the summer, so don't feel too sorry for me!

phthaloblu said...

Great work, Anita. You are brave to do sketching in the bath, but I'd admire you for it. :-) Hope all is well with you.