Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Consumables

During the holidays my summer journal has had the pleasure of sharing in some of our consumables through my sketches.
The plums above were a purchase from Tesco this week and tasted as delicious as they looked, earning themselves a valid spot in my A5 Venezia sketchbook.

As a treat, my Mum and the boys visited one of our favourite restaurants at lunchtime this holiday and indulged in the 'Eat all you can' set price meal. While we digested our courses I sketched one of the colourful, ceiling mounted decorations and took the lettering from their take-away menu later on my return home. A delicious meal from a restaurant that never fails to satisfy, such a friendly atmosphere with a warm welcome for children of all ages. Oriental Gardens can be found on the March road at Guyhuirn in Cambridgeshire.

My eldest Son, Jake, was very poorly with a virus for a few days last week. As a result, his usually active appetite was effected and out came the lucozade! We discovered a new flavour in the still variety 'Raspberry' one of my most favourite fruits.

My last culinary delight is my favourite order from Frankie and Benny's restaurant in Huntingdon, their 'Crayfish Cocktail'. Served as a starter it is very hard to resist, so I didn't even try!
*All images taken from my Summer 2007 Journal


Felicity Grace said...

Fabulous artwork!!

Anonymous said...

every single one of those is gorgeous!

Lynn said...

All your paintings are just beautiful. I'm a big fan of painting anything edible too, and those plums and the crayfish salad are delectable.

brian nelson said...

These all look wonderful! Very nice!

phthaloblu said...

Beautiful, Anita, and great commentary, too.