Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Headlines, Thistles and Raindrops

Summer 2007 journal

I spent much of Wednesday soaked to the skin in a pair of fur lined boots weeding the ever multiplying thistles in the back border of my garden and there are so many more that need removing still. So spiteful, some of the larger ones stand almost as tall as me and their needles are a couple of inches long. I wear rubberised roofing gloves to tackle them and they still get through!
Harry's arrival of toys from eBay kept his imagination busy while Jake tackled the stinging nettles with the strimmer.

This weather has to get better....right?

Jake made headlines in the Fenland Citizen for his amazing score at clay shooting last Sunday.


juj said...

I'm really enjoying your hand posts, but it was such fun to find this one in the middle of them. I had a good giggle about the skeleton - at first I thought it was a comment on your battle with the thistles!

phthaloblu said...

Beautiful sketches!

Anita Davies said...

LOL...I'm sure I'd look that thin if I tried to de-thistle the whole garden at once in this heat Juj!
Thankyou for your kind comments!

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Sherie!