Monday, July 16, 2007

Keys To Drawing With Imagination

Exercise 2 - Algorithms

There were a few choices of algorithms to choose from, I did start on the 'shape clusters' but found them mentally challenging in that I just couldn't think of shapes to cluster. I think the reason for this is that it was a concious decision and I am not good at making decisions, I get too technical...The shapes have to be related, look believable, acurate...Obviously, this particular algorithm brought the inner control freak alive and I decided to turn my attentions to a choice that involved less thought - 'Tangles'.

Exercise 3 - Building Blocks

In this exercise I was instructed to create several unbeliveable structures from building blocks, starting at the base just as if I were laying the bricks.
This was a more enjoyable exercise for me.

Exercise 4 - Shape Clusters

Arrrgh, just when I thought I had escaped them!
I decided to try not think about the actual shapes to get through this exercise but to think more about then even spaces I should leave between the shapes, this way the shapes formed by themselves.
A resolve?


Karen Blados said...

I'm really enjoying checking out these exercises. So much so that I might have to stop and get the book. Very cool.

Teri C said...

Great 'noodling'!

I love how this book has reall got my creative juices flowing!

juj said...

I didn't have any luck finding the book when we went to Borders last night (but of course I found another book to read - The Undressed Art, Why We Draw by Peter Steinhart. I know you said you're not much into books, but it's VERY interesting so far) I am going to check another shop later this week, but in the mean time I may start to play along from your notes.

Anita said...

Thanx Karen!

Anita said...

It is surprising isn't it Teri, while working through individual exercises I feel a little repetitiveness but when I flick back through them a light bulb just PINGS in my head!

Anita said...

Juj, thanks for the book recommendation.
Feel free to play along with my notes and ask questions if something isn't clear from my text.