Monday, June 25, 2007

GladRagz - The Musical

Earlier this year I started work on a new series entitled 'GladRagz'©.

While I waited for dinner to cook this evening I threw a couple of pairs of shoes down and quickly sketched them with my unipin pen. I was quite pleased with the results, shoes are not an easy subject and my thoughtless set up procedure produced some really awkward angles but I trusted my eyes and went for it.

After dinner I added a little colour to them and viewed them through an 8x10" matt, I thought they would make interesting and affordable additions to my GladRagz series as well as great card designs.

I have chosen to gift all of my GladRagz works with female names as titles, naming a painting can be a tricky business but tonight my task was made easier by my CD player. I decided to name each piece after the vocalist of the song that was playing while I sketched.

'BETTE' after Bette Midler
Song: 'I think it's going to rain today' - Beaches original soundtrack
'ARETHA' after Aretha Franklin
Song: I say a little prayer - Body and Soul (UK) album

More GladRagz© can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

That first song title is certainly appropriate! Good to see that you're a fan of Aretha too. You certainly pulled off those tricky angles and foreshortening very well.

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

HIgh heeled shoes are so gorgeous...too bad they dont feel as good as they look:> GREAT job!!

juj said...

Ooo! These are fabulous! I am in LOVE with the "Aretha". I don't wear high heels so I could do without the shoes, but I am coveting that sketch. I really like "Laura" too - the dragonfly background is a really nice touch, and I love the way you painted them wrong side together.

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Dave!

Anita Davies said...

Isn't it just Margaret!...Thankyou.

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Judy.
Aretha are really leopard print and they are just gorgeous.
Thankyou also for your kind comments on 'Laura'.

Lynn said...

Both of those drawings are just lovely. And deserving of their names, too.

Anita said...

Great shoes! Do you really wear those heels? Make my feet ache just thinking about it!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Lynn!

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Anita. Yep, I wear them! Used wear heels alot more but these days my faithful sketch boots are hard to leave at home. ;)

phthaloblu said...

These are fabulous! I love heels and just bought a pair of hot 4.5 inch high brown leather ones from Rampage. They are so comfortable to wear because these are the first ones with a gracious amount of padding for the insole. And rounded toes! Who would've thought. It's been a long time since I was excited about a pair of shoes. These are wonderful paintings, Anita. They have so much character in them. I really like Jessica and how you incorporated the character into the painting. Great work!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Sherie!
Your boots sound gorgeous, I have a brown leather, round toe, knee high pair of boots I just love. I just bought two pairs of wedges today, yummy little daytime shoes decorated with glitzy bits 'n' pieces, one black pair, one gold...wedges are so comfortable to wear no matter what height the heel is.
Glad you enjoyed the character link with 'Jessica' I was pleased with how it came out, it was the first time I had used acrylic inks.