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Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag...You're It!

I have been tagged by Marie Dom.

I have to list 7 things about myself, unusual, or a habit or things that people don't know and also tag seven others, by posting to their blogs and pointing them back to my own.

I have decided to tag the following art blogs:








Here are the seven things about me:

I am a fake blonde, have been since I was 13 years old and have always coloured my own hair.

I have a small scar on my right leg just above my knee caused by a Stanley knife when I was decking my old bathroom out with carpet tiles and, like fool, cut towards myself!

There is a seven year gap between my first child and my second because I honestly believed I could never love anything or anyone as much as I did my beautiful baby boy after I gave birth to him. Seven years later, something mysteriously emotional happened to me and I ached to be a Mother again. I now realise it is possible to love two people more than life itself!

I have had many jobs and was once a nail hand painted, nail art was very popular.

I love singing and often wished I had trained my voice a little, just for my own fun and curiosity.

When I was younger I would often write poetry. A few years back I had two poems published in some 'Tea Time' poetry books, my royalties to date have been approx £1.37p I am still deciding what to spend it on!

I wear a UK size 3 shoe.

So.....Now you know!


Anonymous said...

A published! Are there no limits to your talent. And nail art too...there's something very post-modern about a work of art that is doomed to be cut into pieces!

Anita said...

Nope, no limits here Dave and earning a fortune, as you can clearly see! ;) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Only item I did not know about you was the desire to SING. So you've let the cat out of the bag and from now on you must serenade us when we paint together. I wont dare join in, as I have a frog in my throat as big as a fat toad.
luv Joannie

Anita said...

And there was me thinking I had no secrets from you Joannie LOL!
According to all the traditional fairytales, you were supposed to kiss the toad...not eat it!

Joan Yoshioka said...

Hey Anita,
Thanks for tagging me. It took awhile for me to respond ... because I was traveling but mostly because I couldn't think of seven interesting things about me! I've posted them on my blog:

Anita said...

LOL!...I know how you feel Joan, I found coming up with 7 things tricky too!