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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday Doodles

Cooking a traditional roast, the laundry and family time makes Sunday quite a busy day for me. Determined to make the most of the gaps in between I grabbed a couple of sketchbooks and pens and left them in different rooms of my home.

After loading the machine I took a few moments on my sun lounger outside this morning and made a few sketches from imagination to 'break the ice'. I later added a little shading using a water-brush that I have added a few drops of black ink into. I purchased the ink yesterday with this intention and I'm pleased with how it works, I shall be adding it to my location sketch kit.

Later in the afternoon, after checking on the beef joint, I took a well earned coffee into the lounge and sketched my fireplace in my A6 W&N sketchbook.

Finally, time with my eldest watching a comedy show on TV, produced the quick, final sketch of the day in my slightly larger, A5 W&N .

Proof and a great reminder, that there is ALWAYS time for a quick sketch.

...The beef was delicious by the way!


SCquiltaddict said...

also quite lovely...glad to know the beef turned out..still doing the laundry here!

Anita said...

Oh Margaret, the laundry never ends does it?
Thankyou for your kind and frequent comments - Much appreciated!

Kunya said...


Anita said...

Thankyou Kunya!

Robyn said...

Super sketches from Super Mum!

Anita said...

LOL...I almost spat out my coffee reading that Robyn. Thankyou!
...I Must remember to get me a cloak and some bright tights! ;)

phthaloblu said...

Beautiful work!

Anita said...

Thankyou Phthaloblu!