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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lead by Passion

My sketchbooks have become such a pleasurable infatuation, a place to log my ideas and studies and make notes that I can later reflect upon in either a creative or emotional manner. I hope that they will someday act as an illustrated diary of sorts that my children can enjoy and perhaps pass on to the generations I may never have the pleasure of sharing a life with.
A piece of my soul immortalised forever!

This week I have been busily preparing for the coming months when my sketchbooks and I will venture into the world and enjoy a productive relationship. I can hardly wait! The weather is breaking here in the UK and the sun struggles daily to find an opening in the clouds and I wait patiently for the battles' end so I may begin my adventures.

I started my sketchbooks at the end of last year and just as I was beginning to get a taste for the plein air relationship we were building ...winter set in. I promised myself I would start earlier this year, savouring every possible moment I could capture.
This passion is a personal journey born from a love of
adventure, architecture, stately homes, nature, quiet moments and growth. My sketching adventures allow me to appreciate nature and history in a way that excites me, they help me develop my artistic confidence and learn so much about my surroundings and myself.

In anticipation I have spent this week filling more pages of my sketchbooks than usual, working from life using items around the studio and home.
Previously I have used charcoal pencil, watercolour, pen and HB pencil for my W&N hard backed heavyweight sketchbooks. They take all of these mediums with ease and are a fantastic, affordable choice.
For 2007 I have invested in some of the infamous Moleskin sketchbooks for my travels.
I have a collection of coloured pencils I purchased for a portrait commission and have only ever painted two works with them , so I decided to try out my techniques in my W&N sketchbooks ready to work with them in the Moleskins. Here, I have posted some of my results with Derwent watercolour pencils and Karisma coloured pencils with Pitt superfine pen.

*I have prepared a separate blog for my location sketchbook updates...FREE subscription is available and recommended.


Robyn Sinclair said...

Beautiful work, Anita. Good luck with the Moleskines - I'm very inhibited by mine. I haven't even used the watercolour one yet. I'm inclined to work in my 'second-best' sketchbooks. I'm going to subscribe and follow you through what promises to be a delightful Spring/Summer en plein air.

Anita said...

Thanx Robyn!
I am liking the moleskins, I also have a watercolour one but haven't tried it yet either.
So pleased to have you joining me on my adventure.