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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007!

Champagne flutes chink and celebration fills the air as we look back on the past 365 days with either a smile or two fingers raised high in disapproval.

It has always seemed strange to me that we should wait for a specific day of the year to reflect this way, such a huge expanse of time between the two posts I’ve always felt was wasted simply waiting for the “excepted” time to plan changes and show our appreciations. What makes the start of any one day more special than the last?
Perhaps it is more to do with the relaxation period that comes before this celebrated occasion, followed by a quite time shared with family and friends, a time when work slows down and one is more able to see within themselves, their lives, the patterns by which they live. Then is it the peace associated with Christmas that allows us to stop and savour?
What a sad thought that we should feel we need to be “allowed” such a freedom.
And so, it is ourselves that create the boundaries around us, the walls that guide us blindly through our everyday routines, void of choices, feelings, growth.
My Nephew lived only long enough in this world to break the hearts of those who loved him, the only positive I could ever take from this utterly heart wrenching moment was the honesty of it…The fact that we are never sure if tomorrow will arise and therefore we must live for today.

New year resolutions are challenges we set ourselves that we mostly know we will fail because of all too many links in their chain having to be altered to accommodate the possibility. Therefore the list grows and the goal seems impossible…We give up! Changes do not evolve from lists alone they are born from courage, appreciation and a knowing of oneself.
It took a long time for me to be comfortable in my own company, in doing so I met the good, the bad and the ugly. The real challenge was to realise and accept that I was made of all 3 and only I could change what made me uncomfortable. Now, like a drug, I crave those moments late at night when I can be alone to reflect.

You are remarkable! You are everything you want to be and so much more, you can do anything, you have the freedom in yourself and you deprive yourself all too often of your own company.
Should I wish you anything this year be it that you rise to a new day each morning and allow yourself the inner peace to appreciate the gift as you unwrap it!

“STOP, listen………Know yourself”
“Honesty with oneself, about oneself is the ultimate gift”
- Anita Davies 2007

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire


Anita said...

Happy New Year, Anita!
Its a shame that we don't approach every day as we do a new year, with expectation and hope and promises to ourselves to be the best we can be.

Anita said...

Happy New Year Anita!
...Great self portrait btw!

Jo Castillo said...

This is so very touching. You have such a sure stroke and the images you create sing....

Thanks for sharing,

Anita said...

Thankyou Jo!